Fresh Water Where and When You Need It
– Sea Recovery and Lyngaa Marine

Sea Recovery has manufactured the most innovative and intuitive watermakers for the past 30 years. By incorporating a customer-first philosophy into their designs, the quality of their products is never compromised.

Lyngaa Marine believes that professional boaters deserve more from their watermakers. Dealing with confusing controls and maintenance should not be a concern. Sea Recovery and Lyngaa Marine strives to communicate to the heart of the professional sailor, by engineering systems that marries quality with functionality, a formula that has made Sea Recovery the #1 water making brand among fishermen, offshore vessels, fleet owners, shipping companies and boatbuilders around the world.

We offer an innovative line of water-makers that suit every need in the
boating industry, from the fully auto-mated Aqua Matic Dual Pass, for ultra clean water, to the workhorse Aqua Matic series, to the super compact and light weight Aqua Whisper Mini Series.

Service in Every Part of the World
Sea Recovery is globally connected to customers, providing worldwide support with local offices established in every major region of the world. Lyngaa Marine is a part of more than 200 exclusive distributors and service dealers that assist Sea Recovery customers all over the world. Lyngaa Marine covers Denmark (inclusive Greenland and Faroe Islands), Sweden and Norway.

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