LMB2100 – Electronic Bridge Control

Easy to install, easy to programme and most of all easy to operate with all information available from engines and propeller systems are some of the many advantages there is to be said about the electronic bridge control system LMB2100 from Lyngaa Marine.

LMB2100 is developed to meet ship owners requirements for computerized control systems not demanding specialists to perform adjustments or repairs by expensive engineers because only special trained engineers can get access to vital parameters.

All setups are made directly from the 7” monitor serving both as multiple information system and access panel to all parameters in the LMB2100.

LMB2100 Master Panel

The LMB2100 can be extended with up to five manoeuvre stations. Manoeuvre stations can be set up in up to five groups allowing free transfer of command within each own group. Transferring command to another group will require acknowledgement from the releasing group.

From the main panel and an eventual ECR panel full emergency control of the pitch and clutch is available and is easily selected by activating the emergency mode switch. When in emergency mode the independent illuminated pitch indicator will be used indication of the actual propeller pitch.

The full adaptable interfaces to sensors make the LMB2100 an obvious choice for refit as well as new buildings.

Both engine speed and pitch lever are supplied with double potentiometer. When deviation limitations are exceeded the computer will automatically select the best and safest signal from the two potentiometers.

Dual feed back from actuators, PTO and PTI are optional.

LMB2100 Slave Panel

Lyngaa Marine Aps. Started 2006 as a consulting and design company for the marine industry. But soon after also import of electronics for the marine industry was added to the port folio. The main segment at that time was mega yachts, crew-, offshore vessels and workboats. Later also passenger ships and fishing vessels became a part of the customer group.

In 2013 the first version of the LMB2000 computerized bridge manoeuvring system was developed for a small passenger ferry with two engines and two CPP propellers. Continuing on the success and knowledge gained during this project customers asked Lyngaa Marine Aps. to deliver more units, now for all type of vessels with CPP propellers. In 2017 more than 20 units has been sold to a vararity of ships such as fishing vessels, crew and work boats, ferrys and middle size tankships.

With the LMB2100 type approved bridge manoeuvring system and the smaller LMB2101 Basic bridge manoeuvring system Lyngaa Marine is delivering some of the markets most adaptable solutions for ships with CPP propellers.

Safe operation, easy to install and programme and easy to operate has been the key focus in every aspects of the design.



Technical Data LMB2100

Main Power Supply (supervised): 24 Vdc

Emergency Power Supply (supervised): 24 Vdc

Power Consumption without actuator: <0.7 Amp

Power Consumption Slave Panels: <0.3 Amp

Resistance input: 8

Digital input: 16

Digital input free: 1

Digital output: 16

Digital output free (For PTO): 2

Voltage input: 0-10 Volt 2

Voltage input: 0-30 Volt 2

Data communication: TCP/IP

Degree of protection indoor panels: IP54

Operating temperature: -25 to +55 Celcius

IEC 60945 Classification: Exposed

Weight Master Panel: 2700 g

Dimension Master: 360 c 260 mm

Weight Slave Panel indoor: 2500 g

Dimension Slave Panel: 360 x 260 mm

Weight computer: 2000 g

Approvals BV, DNV, GL: Pending