LMB2100 Bridge Maneuvering System

M/T Key Star
The Norwegian owned tanker Key Star mainly transporting products in Northern Europe was retro fitted with Lyngaa Marine LMB2100 Bridge Man-ouvering System for Con-trollable Pitch Propulsion.
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Sara Karin
The Norwegian trawler Sara Karin build for fishing cod in the northern part
of Norway delivered from Poltramp Shipyard S.A. June 2017 was installed with a Lyngaa LMB2000 Bridge Maneuvering System.
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The Norwegian fishing vessel Taresund specially equipped for harvesting seaweed was delivered September 2017 to the owner FMC Biopolymer AS with a Lyngaa LMB2100 Bridge Maneuvering System installed.
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World Marine Offshore
The Danish offshore operater ”World Marine Offshore”, owner of six crew transfer vessels, all build at Fjellstrand ship-yard in Norway between 2013 and 2014, decided end 2017 to change the bridge control system to LMB2100dual from Lyngaa Marine.
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FN226 Andrea Klitbo
The Danish marine electrical company HM Electro installed a LMB2100basic bridge manoeuvering system on the fishing vessel FN226 Andrea Klitbo from Læsø over the summer. The replacement of the bridge manoeuvering system was a part of the bridge refurbishment undertaken in 2018.
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Hidrografia 5
In August 2018 commissioning of the LMB2100dual on the Taiwanese hydrographic survey vessel Hidrografia 5 took place on the shipyard Lung Teh in Taiwan. Lyngaa Marine Aps. supplied the bridge control system for this vessel and participated in the commissioning.
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