World Marine Offshore


The Danish offshore operater ”World Marine Offshore”, owner of six crew transfer vessels, all build at Fjellstrand ship-yard in Norway between 2013 and 2014, decided end 2017 to change the bridge control system to LMB2100dual from Lyngaa Marine.

What made WM Offshore replace Bridge Manoeuvring System
Changing bridge control system after just three to four years in service is a serious decision that no shipowner is pleased with.
Decisions like this with a professional shipowner has to be justified in both financial and technical terms. Facing a number of technical issues like components failing, simple failures on gear not giving alarms and causing severe damages, as well as huge invoices for spares and services in addition to lost hire, forced the technical management at WM Offshore to look for a new solution. After searching the market for possibilities it was chosen to purchase an LMB2100dual for World Mistral which was installed January 2018.

Owners Requirements to New Bridge Control System
Minimize maintenance cost and “off hire” was the two key factors performing the set of technical requirements. From previous experience this lead to a number of part requirement such as: Full access to adjustment of parameters, standard “Off the shelfs” components, full integrated supervision of all parameters including safety system for gear, clutches and pitch servo system and remote access from office to assist crew under operation.

Further demands where load protection of engines, minimum two operation mode, rapid response from levers, ergonomic layout of bridge layout and full secondary control.

All requirements have been fulfilled to owners full satisfaction.

WM Offshore setup
LMB2100dual is two independent systems, one for each gear. How-ever the bridge panel contains both port and starboard control system.
One of the challenges was that each gear have two engines giving a total of four diesel engines. The system
had to be able to operate with all combinations of engine engaged and engagements should only be possible when safe.

Engine engagement is supervised by the computer but operation is also possible in an unsupervised mode called emergency mode.

All pressures and temperatures are supervised and displayed in the conning display.

Failures on clutch pressure will immediately unclutch and low hydraulic pressure will first initialize an alarm and then stop the engines.

Ergonomic improvement
Navigators at wind farm vessels often sits many hours in standby, making small adjustments on propellers to maintain the position and angle to the sea. To remove the unhealthy condition the navigators was sitting all day the lever was raised the navigators can now take a more natural position.

The displays with white background is very easy to read and also improves the working conditions for the operators.

Cloud Connection
LMB2100 have the option of a cloud connection. Simply connect the network to the internet and the LMB2100 will automatically appear on the screens in owners technical department and Lyngaa Marine service department. Display, alarm list and logs, as well as all adjustments, will be visible and adjustments can be performed by authorized engineers. A powerful tool for helping the crew onboard.