Taresund ready for sea trial, Hellesøy Shipyard July 2017


The Norwegian fishing vessel Taresund specially equipped for harvesting seaweed was delivered September 2017 to the owner FMC Biopolymer AS with a Lyngaa LMB2100 Bridge Maneuvering System installed.

Lyngaa Marine delivered in cooperation with Heimdal Propulsion in Norway a LMB2100 Bridge Maneuvering System to the Norwegian new building Taresund. The new building is designed for harvesting seaweed on the Norwegian West Coast. Extreme safety, overview and high maneuverability as well as easy access to all control handles have been essential during the construction of this vessel.

Dual Computer Control
To achieve the absolutely highest reliability when manoeuvring few meters from the rocks not only one computer is used for this manoeuvring system but two parallel computers are installed. Each computer with its own set of sensors. All data on the two computers are constantly compared and evaluated. Should an error on a sensor or print card occur the computers will automatically switch over to the second computer. An option of manually selecting the computer is also available.

Large Integrated Monitors
Both manoeuvring places at front and stern wheelhouse are equipped with large 15” monitors. Information such as pitch, engine speed, consumption of engine power , available engine power, clutch position, hydraulic pressure and oil temperature is directly visible on the screen as well as selected options such as fixed rpm and combinator mode.
Furthermore monitors and handles can be dimmed or switched into red night mode.

Bridge Console at M/V Taresund

Shaft Generator Control

In addition to the choice of dual computer options like overload protection and fixed rpm was chosen for this project. The main engine is equipped with a huge 200 Kw generator which could create a blackout if a sudden load increase appears. The engine load is therefore constantly monitored and compared with the engines power curve. Available power is calculated and pitch is reduced before engine is overloaded. It is even possible to add a minimum available power giving space for spikes.

Fuel Consumption
After harvesting seeweed the ship has to return to base harbour with the cargo. A combinator mode makes it possible to achive the best possible combination of engine speed and propeller pitch based on the fuel consumption diagram.
A feature which will give economic benefits to the owner.

Space requirement
With the modern small size computer technology and optimized architecture it has been possible to fit the complete control system into a small cabinet at 40×40 cm fitted in the engine room.

Modular Design
With the LMB2100 Bridge Maneuvering System’s modular design both systems for retrofitting of elderly ships and newbuildings can be configured. All types of engines and gears can be controlled and configured to fit customers requirements without the trouble of programming new options and achieve approvals.