Sara Karin

The Norwegian trawler Sara Karin build for fishing cod in the northern part of Norway delivered from Poltramp Shipyard S.A. June 2017 was installed with a Lyngaa LMB2000 Bridge Maneuvering System.

High maneuverability
Lyngaa Marine delivered in June 2017 in cooperation with Heimdal Propulsion in Norway a LMB2000 Bridge Maneuvering System to the Norwegian new building Sara Karin. The new building is designed for trawling cod in the northern part of the Norwegian Sea. High maneuverability and easy access to all control handles has been essential during the construction of this vessel.

The reaction on manoeuvring levers is surprisecingly efficient with the enormous force of 6 cylinder Mitsubishi S6R at nearly 1000 kw at 1400 RPM and the 2.5 meter CPP propeller in a nozzle connected to a HG5 2PTOF Heimdal gear.

Rapid and reliable transmission
To achieve high speed communication between bridge and engine room a single CanBus network with LMB2000 has been established. CanBus cable is giving a rapid and reliable transmission between the propulsion system and the control system. All temperatures, pressures and alarms are also transferred through the same CanBus.

Two hydraulic pumps are connected directly on the PTO’s (Power Take Out) on the gear. Both PTO’s are individual engaged from the LMB2000 manoeuvring panel.

Both clutch and PTO’s are protected from being engaged at high engine speed preventing stress on the gear.

Fast response, accuracy and automatically adjustment
A sophisticated feed forward system gives the markets fastest response and high accuracy on commands from the manoeuvre levers.
As a benefit to the ship’s crew a combinator mode is added automatically adjusting engine throttle to propeller pitch optimizing fuel economy.

Three maneuver stations and night vision
Full control of engine and propeller can be achieved from no less than three maneuver stations onboard.
Illuminated displays and levers can be dimmed to zero light emission. Main displays can at night also be changed to a black background with red instruments protecting night vision.

To avoid total loss of maneuvering capabilities the LMB2000 contains a full backup system allowing the navigators to maneuver the ship from the bridge even if the fast powerful maneuver computer should fail. One of many features which lead to the owners choice of this maneuver system.

The LMB 2000 for this vessel was delivered in five parts and was easily build into the ship with only two wires between bridge and engine room benefitting in a very easy installation.