About Lyngaa Marine

Lyngaa Marine is a Danish company, with years of experience, primarily engaged in the development, production and installation of advanced electronic bridge controls for engines, gearboxes, propeller pitch and various alarm systems.
We strive to deliver bridge management facilities with the best quality and which are super robust.

Our mantra is:

Easy to install, easy to program but most of all EASY TO USE

We are exclusive distributors of watermakers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, from the world's leading manufacturer of reverse osmosis watermakers - Sea Recovery, Horizon Reverse Osmosis, and Village Marine - each delivering the best freshwater facilities in their categories.

Lyngaa Marine owns propelspecialisten.dk, which advises and sells advanced propellers. And in long-distance sailing fora’s known, as a reliable advisor and supplier of propellers, that ensures low fuel consumption and optimal speed, with and without sails.

In addition, we represent several high-end manufacturers in the maritime industry. Therefore, we have our own spare parts stock, so that we are able to deliver on day-to-day basis