M/T Key Star

The Norwegian owned tanker Key Star mainly transporting products in Northern Europe was retro fitted with Lyngaa Marine LMB2100 Bridge Man-ouvering System for Con-trollable Pitch Propulsion

In the spring of 2017 Lyngaa Marine delivered a LMB2100 Bridge Maneuvering System for the Norwegian owned motor tanker Key Star.

Installation and commissioning took place in 18 hours onboard while discharging cargo. The vessel was able to leave harbour by own power within the scheduled berthing.

Why replace Bridge Manoeuvring System
Key Star is a motor tanker build in 1992, with medium speed Bergen Diesel and an Ulstein propeller and propeller system controlled by an Ulstein gear and remote control system. Lack of spare parts for the analogue control system and decreasing reliability lead to the owners decision of replacing the control system.
Requirements to the new system was in addition to two manoeuvring places also fixed RPM shaft control generator including overload protection and combinator mode.

Shaft Generator and Load Protection
Full control of the propulsion system can be performed both from the control room and the bridge. However as a safety precaution the shaft generator can only be engaged and controlled from the control room.

When in shaft generator mode only pitch can be adjusted while the engine speed remains at the desired level. Fixed RPM can not be abandoned while shaft generator is engaged.

When in shaft generator mode pitch is decreased before engine is overloaded.

Information on Displays

Command is easily moved from control room to bridge through the large 7” touch screens. The same screens offers a comprehensive overview of the propulsion plant performance including engine speed, propeller pitch, clutch position, engine power supplied and remaining power available.

Display and illumination of handles can be dimmed and even a night mode with red light can be selected



Engine Remote Control in Control Room Room

Manouver Stations
Key Star has one manoeuvre station installed on bridge. But up to three more manoeuvring stations can easily be added with only one data cable connecting them.

Setup from Displays
All setups can easily be adjusted from the password protected self explaining setup displays. Sensors and potentiometers can therefore be changed without the necessity of calling assistance. Also limits for gear engagement, load curves and combinator mode can be adjusted through the setup menu.

Alarms and Safety Precautions
A fully integrated alarm system is a part of the LMB2100 Bridge Maneuvering System offering supervision of sensors, actuators as well as gear and engine conditions.

To avoid total loss of maneuvering capabilities the LMB2100 contains a full backup system allowing the navigators to maneuver the ship from the bridge even if the powerful maneuvering computer should fail. One of many features which lead to the owners choice of this maneuver system.

Modular Design
With the LMB2100 Bridge Maneuvering Systems modular design retrofit of elderly systems is easily performed and it is no longer necessary to take the vessel out of service to replace an unreliable expensive system. A large number of options for various configuration and solutions are available in the standard software package and do not need to be programmed before delivery can take place.