M/S Sea Comfort

A new invention within the operation of offshore wind turbines and other maritime offshore

State of the art – new thinking
Lyngaa Marine had in the spring 2014 the pleasure of delivering the complete automation and bridge equipment for the new catamaran M/S Sea Comfort owned by TP Offshore.

This new vessel is not only state of the art with a variety of new thinking in how to support the growing wind industry but is also using many new technologies to support the in many respect short crew of only four people.

Lyngaa Marine as trusted partner
Lyngaa Marine participated as a trusted partner and designed all electrical distribution and automation as well as performed power calculation of the main switch board.

M/S Sea Comfort offers all modern facilities offshore service crews can ask for in open light colored comfortable living areas. Both crew and passengers are living in single cabins with television and internet.

The Backbone in the necessary automation making it possible to handle such a large passenger ship with only four crew is the three NMEA2000 canbus network all “speaking” together cross the high speed net bus extenders from Maretron. This offers high redundancy and reduces the risk of break downs. Further it offers the critical possibility of extending the network to up to 150 users. Even in this large application there is still 75 per cent vacant capacity.

Power Distribution and Power Management

It is not only the generators there are controlled from the bridge dis-plays. But also the propulsion sys-tem, ballast system, bilge system, deck light, fire system, all tank levels, navigation instruments, navigation lights as well as an ex-tended alarm system.

Two gensets both at 100 KVA supplies the power and are synchronized as well as automated with the Lyngaa Marine LPM2000® power management system. Most consumers can be operated directly from the bridge consoles or the local display placed in engine rooms or switch board rooms.

The two 100 KVA Cummins 6BT Generator sets supplies the power to the engine room, passengers and two bow thrusters.

Lyngaa Marine also designed and calculated the main switch board.

Propulsion is performed by the two powerful Cummins KTA38M2 main engines through the Servogear Pitch Propeller system. Main Engines and gears are supervised and controlled by the LMB2000 Bridge Maneuvering System and Alarm System.

Supervision is not limited to only the traditional Lub. Oil pressure and Jacket Water Temperature. But also exhaust gas temperature, charge air pressure and temperatures, lub. oil temperature, cooling water level flow of both salt and fresh water as well as stern tube temperature etc. are monitored.

Also the fuel consumption is care-fully monitored and presented to the navigator with an accuracy better than .25 per cent. Even the fuel consumption per nautical mile is presented making it possible for the crew to obtain the best economical cruising speed.

A complete emergency control system is build in to both the LMB2000® Bridge Maneuvering System and the LMR2000® Rudder Controls System. The rudders can be synchronized or controlled individually as in Joy Stick mode.

Engines, Pitch and rudders are all controlled by the Lyngaa Marine LMB2000® Bridge Maneuvering System. The system offers three
different modes Separate mode, Combinator mode and Joy Stick mode and makes it easy always to obtain the best possible maneuvering condition no matter of the navigation or weather situation.

Modes are easily changed from the membrane panel which also illuminating the possible solutions with a flashing led. From the build in monitoring panel the propulsion can be instantly monitored. Most import-ant propulsion data are also shown on the bridge screens.

Bridge Control by Lyngaa Marine

The main control center on this single handed controlled ship is placed on the bridge. The layout of the bridge have been essential through the whole design of the ship and offers the possibility of controlling all essential functions for the operation of the ship. For in-stance joy sticks are placed in the bridge wings offering full visibility for the operator.

All displays are Sun Light Visible screens manufactured by Lyngaa Marine offering 1200 nits and can be adjusted from zero to full bright-ness from the remote control knob.

Lyngaa Marine is proud of this one man bridge and ship control system supplied to the owner of TP Off-shore and are looking forward to achieve more interest from new customers in the possibilities within the central can-bus systems now offered through the proven systems from Lyngaa Marine. Any questions can be forwarded to Lyngaa Marine who will be happy to do an even further presentation.