M/S Göta II

The ferry M/S Göta II normally engaged in the archipelago outside Gothenburg was in October 2014 refitted with a new Caterpillar 3508C and an LMB2000 Bridge Manoeuvering System

Lyngaa Marine delivered a LMB2000 Bridge Maneuvering System in the autum 2014 to the ferry M/S Göta II. The new Bridge Maneuvering System controls the brand new Caterpillar 3508C and the original installed pitch propeller gear box from Heimdal Propeller in Norway.

The installation of both the new engine, conversion of the gear to adapt the new electric actuators and installation of the LMB2000 Bride Maneuvering System was performed by the Swedish yard Ö-Varvet placed on the island Öckerö outside Gothenburg.

The gearbox is equipped with two actuators controlling the Clutch and the propeller position. The speed on the pitch actuator is controlled by the gear pressure and do not overload the control mechanism even at low hydraulic pressure.

All sensors are duplicated and supervised minimizing the downtime as there is a build in automatic selecting system for these sensors.

Intelligent combinator system
The LMB2000 is not only an engine and pitch control system but do also help the navigators to operate the main engine without overloading it. Through the intelligent combinator system main engine revolution and the pitch position is chosen for the optimal performance depending on engine and propeller load and demand for power.

A sophisticated feed forward system gives the markets fastest response from the maneuver levers.