LMB2120 RG – Electronic Bridge Control for Reverse Gears

Smart and reliable Control System for reverse gear

Lyngaa Marine is offering electronic remote control for reverse gears.
The reverse gear control has been named LMB2120RG and is a further development on the popular LMB2100 and LMB2101basic.
Many new features are included and can be adjusted by the owner. Features like adjustable acceleration of engines, adjustable maximum -engine speed for engaging propeller and free running of engines are standard.
Emergency control and supervision of gear and engine can be added as well as a display showing data from engine and gear.
Up to six maneuver stations can be added to the LMB2120RG. Station in command is easily transferred with the command button indicating with a blue light that station is active.
Upon request the LMB2120RG can also be delivered with approval from classification societies.

LMB2120RG can be adapted to all engines and gears and is available for both one and two engines.
In addition, the system can be extended with an alarm system.