FN226 Andrea Klitbo

The Danish marine electrical company HM Electro installed a LMB2100basic bridge manoeuvering system on the fishing vessel FN226 Andrea Klitbo from Læsø over the summer. The replacement of the bridge manoeuvering system was a part of the bridge refurbishment undertaken in 2018.

What is LMB2101basic
LMB2101basic is a highly reliable, simple to install, simple to program and simple to use bridge manoeuvring system. It is based on the same software as the larger LMB2100. Lever, instrument and buttons are chosen because of their robustness.

Instrument also contain touch screen enabling soft keys for PTO, combinator mode etc.
Up to five control stations can be connected on the same system.
Load protection of engines from a predefined curve or J1939 canbus interface is optional.

Commissioning and adjustment of parameters are easily performed though the build in web-interface. Simply connect your lap-top computer to the RJ45 plug in the front of the computer, start your standard browser like Explorer and add address and password and you have full access to all parameters as well as an internal alarm list with log.