Émilien D

The prawn trawler Émilien D fishing in the arctic waters between Canada and Greenland was delivered from Méridien Maritime in Québec, Canada May 2017 installed with a Lyngaa LMB2000 Bridge Maneuvering System.

Fishing in the harsh arctic waters
Lyngaa Marine delivered in May 2017 in cooperation with Heimdal Propulsion in Norway a LMB2000 Bridge Maneuvering System to the Canadian new building Émilien D. The new building is designed for prawn fishing in the harsh arctic waters between Canada and Greenland. All possible efforts have therefore been made to build a self supporting ship with high reliability on all equipment.

Rapid and safe transmission
LMB2000 is controlling an 8 cylinder MTU4000 engine connected to a Heimdal HG5 gear with 2 PTOs through a current signal and an electrical actuator.

The LMB2000 is communicating between bridge and engine room through a single NMEA2000 CanBus cable giving a rapid and safe transmission between the propulsion system and the control system. All temperatures, pressures and alarms are transferred through the same CanBus cable.

Additional opportunities
Utilizing computer technology gives many additional opportunities. One option is a combinator mode selected from the membrane panel adapting engine revolution to propeller pitch. Another option is only allowing clutch operation when propeller is in zero pitch and engine is idling.

All sensors are duplicated and supervised to minimize the downtime as there is a build in automatic selecting system for these sensors.

Response and accuracy
The huge 2.78 meter propeller in nozzle from Heimdal Propulsion gives a remarkable power when trawling and is easily operated from the electronic low resistance engine and pitch levers on the bridge.

A sophisticated feed forward system gives the markets fastest response and high accuracy on commands from the maneuver levers.

Several maneuver stations
Being a short handed trawler the navigator needs always to be in full control of the ship. Not only when sailing but also during harbour maneuvers and while trawling. Full control of engine and propeller can be achieved from several maneuver stations onboard.

Illuminated displays and levers can be dimmed to zero light emission. Main displays can at night also be changed to a black background with red instruments protecting night vision.

Full backup system for safety
To avoid total loss of maneuvering capabilities the LMB2000 contains a full backup system allowing the navigators to maneuver the ship from the bridge even if the fast powerful maneuver computer should fail. One of many features which lead to the owners choice of this maneuver system.

Delivered in four parts
The LMB 2000 for this vessel was delivered in four parts and was easily build into the ship with only two wires between bridge and engine room benefitting a very easy installation without unforeseen challenges.