Lyngaa Marine strives to deliver the best and most reliable propulsion control and alarm systems. We turn and evaluate every bit, piece and solution in our systems to make sure, that we have made the absolute best choice, when making our customers future solution. We listen to our customers, because only our customers can challenge our solutions and bring forward real live demands, which will incite us to constantly improve our systems. Every customers satisfaction is important to us, we therefore assemble and test every system, before it is shipped. A zero fault strategy is the key to our understanding of our self.
We understand that our customers are sailors and shipowners, who not only bring there lives into our hands, but also make their daily  living and bread from sailing there proud ships. We are therefore always available to help and listen to our customers. We see that earth health and environment is import to our customer and bring forward solutions to help our customers protect our climate.
If you can see yourself participating in a company that works dedicated to the above, we would like to receive your application for the positions below.